Concrete Block Mould Hexagonal


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The EW-CBM-HEX - Concrete Block Mould Hexagonal is designed to precast hexagonal concrete blocks for use in various retaining wall applications. Its simple construction and portable design makes it the perfect solution for recycling leftover concrete onsite. Reducing the expense and waste of materials when disposing leftover concrete at the end of day’s pour.

• Simple construction is fast to assemble
• Concrete blocks can be used in various retaining walls applications
• Provision for cast in ferrule for fast and easy positioning onsite
• M20 eye bolt, ferrule and reinforcing bar supplied
• Assorted key plates available for straight or curved stacking applications
• Lightweight and stackable design is easy to transfer between sites
• Finished block weight approx. 900kg
• Ferrule Kit (EW-CBM-FER) and Box Ferrule Kit (CMFR) available for reorder
• Enamel paint finish

Warehouse Pickup or Delivery available